We make our own chocolates daily in Sarasota

Luvaball is so much more than “just” baked goods: it’s a movement, looking to inspire healthy habits and promote entrepreneurship. I founded Luvaball after years of saving and months of planning. Never one to shy away from hard work, I have juggled at least two jobs from the age of 15, and I paid my way through massage therapy school by clocking long hours as a waitress. Instead of dwelling on how difficult this situation was, however, I thrived on the possibilities I created for myself and approached each new day with a positive outlook. Today, thanks to my tireless work ethic and my genuine passion for the health food industry, I am finally at a point where I can give back to my community and the wider world. Luvaball was started for this very reason: to encourage healthy eating and happy lifestyles in others, and to inspire young women and men to persevere in their journey towards entrepreneurship and success. Luvaball is just one example of how a good idea, coupled with hard work and dedication, can yield positive results. My energy balls, which were the starting point for this business, eventually developed into a range of chocolates, brownies and granola currently retailed by two reputable businesses. For this reason, as my company grows, I’m increasingly motivated to inspire others to pursue their dreams, as I genuinely believe that anything is attainable so long as you truly work for it. As Luvaball grows I am more humbled than ever. My humility helps keep me grounded, and I stand true to my values, by always ensuring that the customer is placed at the forefront of our operation. All of our products are healthy, high quality items that are sourced responsibly and priced fairly. We are genuinely committed to helping you improve your well-being, and are passionate about providing young women (as well as all of our customers) with the tools to thrive in their personal and professional lives. We are excited to share in this journey with you, and look forward to welcoming you to our growing community!